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‘Equal Opportunities for Inclusive Life’

Curriculum Innovation for Social Inclusion (CISI)

Aims to enhance professional competencies of school practitioners in working with students with special educational needs (SEN).

CISI is focusing on the following objectives:

1. Development of new academic courses in special education for Teachers Education Program at CISI member GEO HEIs;

2. Development of 60 credit Certificate Program in special education for school / field practitioner;

3. Development of short-term training programs in special education for all interested groups - school practitioners, students, academic staff, NGO representatives, parents of children with SEN.

4. Strengthening collaboration of schools, universities, civic organizations and MoESCSG towards improving quality of inclusive education in Georgia.

The project started on 19.12.2019and lasts 36 months.

The coordinator of the project is : Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University